第27回ワルシャワ国際ポスタービエンナーレに、『こども若冲』と『陰翳礼讃』の2作品が入選しました。45ヵ国6000枚の応募の中から310枚が選ばれました。このアワードの作品展がMuseum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw(ポーランド)で8月28日まで開催されています。国際アワードに入選出来てとても嬉しいです。

【Works selected for the "27TH International Poster Biennial in Warsaw "】
Two posters were selected for the “27TH INTERNATIONAL POSTER BIENNALE IN WARSAW”. This poster is "In Praise of Shadows in Tokyo 2020". I feel very honored to have this results. The 310 finalists were selected out of 6000 entries from the 45 countries. The award’s exhibition is on at Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in Poland until 28 August 2021. I am very proud that these posters have participated in this exhibition.