陰翳礼讃、東京2020 In Praise of Shadows in Tokyo 2020



This poster was selected for the “27TH INTERNATIONAL POSTER BIENNALE IN WARSAW”. The theme of the poster is to highlight space that is hidden in shadows.
'In Praise of Shadows', a book written by a famous author Junichiro Tanizaki in Japan inspired me to create this work. Tanizaki said in this book, that there is an idea that esthetic is born in the shadows. I agree with this idea.
In Japan, shadows and sadness don't always have a negative meaning. We sometimes think it's fleeting and beautiful. And many Japanese people respect spacing. We have a culture that reads the feelings which are underneath the surface. This poster expresses these modern Japanese ideas.
The words “In Praise of Shadows” translate in Japanese to just 4 words. I thought about creating the another complex world behind these 4 words. I separated the 4 words into the left and right side and arranged the complex lines in these words. This process gave a unique rhythm and a modern typography in this poster.
And the poster is printed with special printing method. I chose a translucent paper to print on. It was printed with the UV inkjet and thick varnishing was applied. By doing this, varnished surface of the paper is raised as if it encloses the space with shadows.