吉積富士01 Fuji of Yoshizumi_01



I designed two posters of the 'Aka-Fuji' for my friend who wanted the poster to decorate his new house. Mt. Fuji is the mountain which represents Japan, and since the ancient times, its existence has been a support for people in Japan. Various sceneries of Fuji has been considered as a bringer of good luck. The 'Aka-Fuji', meaning 'red -Fuji', is the phenomenon of Mt.Fuji, looking like being dyed red with sunrise. Due to its rarity, it’s said that if the person happens to see the Aka-Fuji, the wish of the person comes true in Japan.  This is one of them. I designed the majestic red mountain by using red blocks. It looks symbolic with the color contrast. In Japan, there is an expression 'happy things stack on' when several good things happen at once. Therefore, the reason why I designed it by building up these red blocks.