新しい暮らし方に目覚めるーフランスの本を通して考えるエコロジー S’éveiller à un nouvel art de vivre



I designed a booklet on ecology published by the French Embassy in Japan. The flower used for the cover is the red poppy, the French flower. The friendship between Japan and France is expressed in the appearance of the red poppy, which looks like a circular window or a fresh flower. Each door represents the process from sowing the seeds to the buds as a landscape seen through a circular window. French books on various ecological topics are introduced. A bookmark was proposed as a novelty at the event. The bookmark is made of Japanese paper with the same hinageshi seeds as on the cover kneaded into it. When you finish reading it, you can bury it in the soil and it will sprout. The product is called Petit Plantit by the organic seed company Greenfield Project. It was greatly appreciated by the French Embassy.